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Today, modern research shows that there is a very strong scientific basis for claiming that the food known to the ancient Greeks as the 'gift of the gods' and dubbed by Homer as 'liquid gold' is indeed a superfood with massive nutritional health benefits.


The Olive Oil Diet by Dr Simon Poole and Judy Ridgway

Winner of London's Great Taste Awards 5 Times at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet, which has been the basis for some of the longest living cultures, is olive oil – a superfood that goes back to the Greek and Roman empires. This article highlights the incredible health benefits of this natural food. And the Romans selected a unique region in Spain (Priorat) that had all the right ingredients to produce the world's finest wine and olive oil. Now this olive oil is available in the US, winner of gold at London's Great Taste Awards fine food show five times. More below, but first…

Physical Health/Chronic Conditions — a couple weeks ago I addressed the issue of mental health/depression. Physical health is just as important to leaders scaling up companies. Without the necessary energy, it's hard to do your job effectively. The prevention and cure of chronic illnesses is big part of maintaining optimum health.

40 Years to Mainstream but it takes four decades before any innovation becomes mainstream. 3D printing, cell phones, integrated circuits, etc. – they've all taken 40 years (as will autonomous cars). No different for a universal cure to most chronic illnesses. As Chairman of the non-profit Riordan Clinic, we've been pursuing this BHAG for 41 years, pioneering a set of over 400 lab and genetic tests to understand a person's unique bio-chemistry to get to the underlying causes of their chronic issues while pursuing in parallel the continued study of the efficacy of high dose IV Vitamin C. I've received 50 grams of C intravenously (now monthly) for almost two decades to boost energy and to prevent chronic illnesses and inflammations (now thought to cause Alzheimer's) from taking hold in my body.

Cure for Sepsis? this NPR story might be a sign that IV Vitamin C is going mainstream. Sepsis, a blood infection which kills more people in the hospital than any other disease, might finally have a quick cure. Using a cocktail of Vitamin C, thiamine and corticosteroids, Dr. Paul Marik has treated close to 150 patients who contracted sepsis and only one has died vs. a typical 30% rate. And it's fast. The challenge? Big pharma has spent billions trying to find a cure and this one costs about the equivalent of one round of standard anti-biotics. If big pharma can't make big money then they work hard to kill the cure (they are already pushing out articles to try and dismiss the results of Dr. Marik's study). I hope this mainstream NPR story is the tipping point for IV Vitamin C. Thanks to Vernon Menard, CEO of Choice Translation, for pointing me to this important story.

1000% More Powerful than Many Cancer Drugs and this past Sunday article reports on a study published in Oncotarget which found high dose IV Vitamin C 10x more effective than several experimental (and mainstream) cancer drugs. Again, not good news for big pharma but better news for people with cancer.

Riordan Protocol it's the Riordan Protocol for administering IV Vitamin C that the FDA has approved for various clinical trials. And as an effective adjunctive t
o traditional cancer treatments, it helps reduce the painful side effects and reduces the risk of infections for those pursuing traditional approaches. More cancer patients on chemo and radiation die from the side effects, like sepsis, then they do from the cancer.

Veritat Oli d Oliva to support health and healthy eating, my wife Julie's purpose is to continue educating the US public on the benefits of olive oil, a powerful antioxidant – to consume daily (I take 2 tablespoons per day – great olive oil is so delicious), put on your skin, etc. – and bring to market an affordable, yet exceptional, olive oil from the best region in the world. She's branded it Veritat Oli d Oliva. What we eat matters and olive oil is the key ingredient in the well documented Mediterranean diet which is common among some of the longest living communities (one of the reasons we've enjoyed living in Barcelona).

Either Rancid or Fake The current situation in the US is that the inexpensive mainstream olive oils sold are either already rancid (which is why you can't cook with them at high heat) or not pure olive oil. The rest of the world dumps their bad or fake olive oil on the American public. And the olive oils that are exceptional are extremely expensive in the US ($90 per 500ml) so people use sparingly only when guests are over!

25 Liters per Year Instead, our family consumes 25 liters per year (five 5 liter tins). Julie is shipping over 1500 bottles and 50 five-liter tins this first time as she launches Veritat Oli d Oliva olive oil in the US. It's the same olive oil that has won London's Great Taste Awards a record 5 times (under the brand Mother's Garden).

The Olive Oil Diet Near the bottom of Julie's educational site she features the book The Olive Oil Diet. She believes it's one of the best books on how to eat every day and is backed by science. The book has received many rave reviews including this one on the Medscape website.

Inflammations the key is supporting your immune system to flush out micro inflammations daily and eat foods rich in anti-oxidants to prevent inflammations in the first place. The founder of the Riordan Clinic over 40 years ago, the late Hugh Riordan, felt that as time goes by science will eventually confirm that most of what we call degenerative aging disorders, autoimmune disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, even heart disease and diabetes… will all ultimately be shown to be occult infections smoldering in the body — due to inadequate C and other important micro nutrients, dietary indiscretions, environmental toxic overload and poorly conceived dental care (such as root canals).

My Health Routine (which fits into a crazy travel schedule):

  1. Visit Riordan Clinic once/year to get a battery of tests to see how I'm trending on inflammation and micro nutrient levels (thanks Hugh Riordan)
  2. 4-minute Tabata exercise three times per week (thanks Ari Meisel – I can spare 12 minutes)
  3. 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily when I'm home (thanks honey)
  4. 6 – 8 grams of oral Vitamin C plus other vitamins/minerals daily per test results
  5. Daily meditation (thanks Art of Living)
  6. More walking (thanks Quinn, our 9-year-old son, for playing Pokemon Go with me)
  7. 50 grams IV Vitamin C and Glutathione monthly (thanks Dr. Fores)
  8. Stem Cell 100 daily – to slow and/or reverse the telomerases process of aging (thanks Carl Fowler)"

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Verne Harnish
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