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September 12, 2014
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September 25, 2014

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Learning Wednesdays — the next complimentary online seminar features the author of The Sumo Advantage (love this book!) Wednesday Sept 24. More info below, but first…

Artificial Intelligence Meets the C-Suite — I love great questions, and this McKinsey article poses a very important one (and then provides some insightful answers):

"Can software substitute for the responsibilities of senior managers in their roles at the top of today's biggest corporations? In some activities, particularly when it comes to finding answers to problems, software already surpasses even the best managers. Knowing whether to assert your own expertise or to step out of the way is fast becoming a critical executive skill."

This is becoming a critical executive skill – one Gazelles wants to help leaders of growth firms acquire. If you read only one article this week, take 4 minutes and read this one.

Linear vs. Exponential — A key point in the article is that all technologies start out slower than expected then accelerate much faster than expected. This is why people are often caught off guard by new technologies. I had never thought of it this way (and McKinsey explains it better than me in the article). Here are a couple of the more important paragraphs from the article:

"People are massively underestimating the impact, on both their organizations and on society, of the combination of data plus modern analytical techniques. The reason for that is very clear: these techniques are growing exponentially in capability, and the human brain just can't conceive of that.

There is no organization that shouldn't be thinking about leveraging these approaches, because either you do – in which case you'll probably surpass the competition – or somebody else will. And by the time the competition has learned to leverage data really effectively, it's probably going to be too late for you to try to catch up. Your competitors will be on the exponential path, and you'll still be on that linear path."

They go on to explain how even Google is able to complete complex projects in an hour that would have traditionally taken a year using machine learning capabilities (read their French street address challenge). Again, absorb this important article and start discussing in your weekly "council" meetings. And it's why we have the co-author of Big Data keynoting the Growth Summit in Vegas.

Secret Deal Whisperer — east meets west – as in east coast financial institutions and west coast tech deals/VCs. Barrett Cohn has carved out a powerful intermediary niche providing a bridge for tech entrepreneurs to add a big name investment firm to their cap table (versus a "local Boca dentist"); and for the traditional financial institutions to get in early on the hottest tech deals. What I love about this Fortune story is how Cohn has created a new hyper-specialized financial services niche and he owns it – a lesson for all professional services firms. His only failure I see is not giving what he does a distinct name so he can be labeled the "godfather of…" – but he's doing well nevertheless. Carve out an equally unique niche, name it, and own it.

Fastcat Ferries' Brand Promises — with ferry disasters too frequently in the news, Rockefeller Habits-student Chet Pastrana has purchased several new $10 million ferries to serve the Filipino people and had Fastcat Ferrie's three clever brand promises painted boldly on the side of each vessel: Ferry Safe, Ferry Fast, Ferry Convenient (picture below). His BHAG is to connect the Philippine Islands seamlessly with its Southeast Asian neighbors. Chet, it's a bold and worthy goal – congrats!

FREE Course — Team with Heavyweights (Register now) It's one thing to partner with a 100 ton gorilla; it's another to find a Sumo! Tune into Bernie Brenner's Sept 24th online course (3 times available) based on his new book The Sumo Advantage: Leverage your Business Development to Team with Heavyweights and Grow Rapidly in Any Economy. Tangible, sustainable growth comes from building and nourishing strategic relationships … not just sales. You need strategic, Fortune 1000 powerhouses. Partnering with giants is complicated, but most companies, even the smallest ones, can benefit from creating such a bond through a strong business development (BD) effort. By the end of this course, you'll understand why it's essential to enter markets by partnering with Sumo companies rather than mid-size gorillas. Register now to SAVE $99 by watching the free course viewing on Wednesday, September 24th. There are three times available so make sure to grab your ideal time before it's full! This is a one-time offer to watch this course for free. Outlearn your competition.


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Verne Harnish
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