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April 19, 2018
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Bill's "Own the Room" methodology has helped countless speakers play at a higher level.
  Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook

Final CEO Boot Camp Before Summer two seats are left for the upcoming May 29 – June 1 Boot Camp hosted by McKeel Hagerty of $400 million Hagerty insurance and immediate past international chair of YPO – along with serial entrepreneur John Ratliff and Verne Harnish – identify your constraints and eliminate them.

Perfect Presentations the ability to comfortably deliver a message – to a handful of people or a large crowd – is a key leadership skill. Bill Hoogterp has written the best practical book I've read (with tons of fun exercises) on how to "get over yourself" and present. Titled Your Perfect Presentation: Speak in Front of Any Audience Anytime Anywhere and Never Be Nervous Again, the book notes:

"Bill, who has a quirky ability to make anyone a better public speaker and presenter," has developed a system…called Own the Room…some pretty big and cool companies and a growing number of famous people and leaders (see Sandberg's quote above) have hired (Bill's) coaches to find the star speaker that's hiding inside.

The first two pages of Part 1 outline his process – and the opening exercise, where he has you speak a set of words in a way that represents their meaning, is insightful and sets the tone for the entire book of exercises. Bill is keynoting the upcoming ScaleUp Summit May 22 – 23, New Orleans and SPro and book club members will receive his book next week.

What Being a Champion Means…Being Different this, notes University of Alabama coach Nick Saban, is the key to winning. Named one of the top 50 leaders by Fortune for leading the Crimson Tide to five national championships in 9 years, this article goes on to explain,

"To me it takes a completely different mindset to stay successful as opposed to what you have to do to build something to be successful," says Saban. "All of us are sort of geared toward, if we have success, we're supposed to be rewarded for it, not necessarily that we have to continue to do things even better than we did before."

The article continues:

If imitation is truly flattery, then Saban is much praised: Four of Alabama's Southeastern Conference rivals – Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas A&M – now employ former Saban assistant coaches as head coach. (Saban has never yet lost a game to one of his disciples.)

The Innovator's Dilemma Yet the gist of the Saban article is not how he came in, using his Process – "a methodical, efficient approach to organizational management" – to quickly take a college football to two national championships. It's how he's been able to sustain victory after victory over a long period of time. To quote the author:

How has he managed to navigate the sports version of what Clayton Christensen famously dubbed the "Innovator's Dilemma" – the fact that success makes it hard to keep the edge you need to win in the future?

In short, Saban has been relentlessly committed to self-disruption. Though his Process might seem rigid to those on the outside, it's really based on a constant analysis of what's working and not working. Quotes Saban, "I hate it when somebody says, 'That's the way we've always done it.' It drives me absolutely up a wall."

Cut and Move Swiftly Saban's constant analysis of what's working and not, and then making swift adjustments, was never better demonstrated when he took out his star quarterback at halftime of the championship game and put in a freshman who threw the winning pass in overtime to clinch the title. It is one of the boldest personnel decisions of any team coach I've ever seen. Saban also embraces technology to give his team an edge. Using a GPS system by Catapult that monitors the performance of his players (think "Prediction Machine"), he was able to make adjustments in practice routines that kept his players fresher on the field. These are just two of the many insights this Fortune article shares – it's worth the 3 minutes to read – then reflect on pivots and technologies you should employ to give your team the edge.

…And Cut the Grass: driving similar success, FC Barcelona's former coach Pep Guardiola, just led Manchester City to the Premier League Championship – and in record time! This NY Times article shares how no small detail is left to chance, including the length of the grass, trimmed to different specs to facilitate the fast-paced style Pep has brought north. Reading these two sports article, you'll begin to see a pattern around success – discipline, data, precision, and a point of view that looks at the same game and does things differently.

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