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November 3, 2015
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"…keeping you REAL healthy"


Life is a fatal disease!

Don't get mad (depressed), get data.

"Sammy is very sick" — this is how my dear friend started his email a few weeks ago. His son, a top soccer player on a Top 25 ranked college team in 2015, suddenly became debilitated by two chronic diseases that consumed him over the past four months. Living off supplements and prescription meds, he could hardly get out of bed. And to fight the depression caused by his illness, and the sudden death of a friend, his doctors suggested adding into the mix anti-depressants. Taking a different approach, explained below, within five days "We got our son back – our fun-loving, happy Sammy – it's a miracle!" exclaimed my friends. He's back at college, continuing treatments, and talking about returning to soccer this winter. Everyone is cautiously optimistic. So far, so good this week.

Same Happened to Me — suffering chronic respiratory infections all my life (treated with bottles of pink antibiotics), as I hit the road (and skies) in the early 80s building a couple global non-profits including EO, I developed asthma and other chronic conditions. The traditional doctors loaded me up with medications and an inhaler and wished me luck. Thank goodness a dear friend in YPO recommended I take the same different approach as Sammy and within a few weeks I was cured – no more chronic issues. Today I'm 56, flying a quarter million miles per year across multiple time zones, taking zero prescription meds, with all the energy I need at work and home – so far, so good, as of this week.

State of Health Tom Stemberg, the co-founder of Staples (and past Summit keynoter) recently died at age 66; a large number of athletes have rotting teeth as reported three days ago; on Tuesday this week it was reported that more Americans than ever (nearly 60%) are taking prescription drugs; the #1 cause of death is cardiovascular disease (1 in 4 deaths in US); and Fortune reported a couple weeks ago that even Silicon Valley is bad for your health, where 30 year olds are occupying 50 year bodies. It's epidemic – and the response is sick care (vs. health care) and a medical establishment focused on labeling our chronic issues with an FDA-approved "disease" and feeding us prescriptions that don't cure, but just mask symptoms – a wonderfully profitable machine at the expense of real health.

5 Keys to REAL Health:

  1. Get Your Data — There are 7.3 billion people on the planet with 7.3 billion unique fingerprints. This means we also have 7.3 billion different bio-chemical makeups, including 3 to 10 million SNPs – genetic mutations per person. Without complete data (including Dr. Amen's brain scan) you and your doctors are just guessing on what you need to do to maintain optimal health and address potentially and existing chronic issues.
  2. Replenish Electrons — We are energy flow – driven by electrons. Living, breathing, exercising, and stress – life in general – uses up these electrons. We're slowly rusting (oxidizing), causing inflammation, which manifests itself in different ways in different people – arthritis, meningitis, bronchitis, cancer, cardiovascular disease – in fact, almost all "diseases" result from some type of inflammation due to oxidation. Your genetic code simply tells you where you're likely to rust first.
  3. Nothing Toxic — put as little toxins, including prescription meds, in or on your body. And some foods are uniquely toxic to you – find out. Keep it natural to reduce oxidation.
  4. Exercise a Little — 4 intense minutes a few times a week is plenty, plus long walks. The rest – excessive biking, running, etc. — is doing more damage than good over the long run – and why athletes have all kinds of problems, like rotting teeth.
  5. Learn to Breath — there are several theories why, but most people are shallow breathers. That's why deep breathing is at the heart of most types of meditation practices. FYI, addictions to smoking and/or exercise (long distance running, for instance) are your body's way of getting you to breath deeper.

Details and useful links follow – and Sammy's story.

Get Your Data — Sammy (three weeks ago) and I (three decades ago) both went to the non-profit Riordan Clinic. Funded by one of the Forbes 400 wealthiest families and an YPOer/WPOer, the clinic just celebrated its 40th anniversary and is considered by many to be the Mayo Clinic of real healthcare (vs. sick care). Disclosure – I'm now Chairman of the Board. In Sammy's case, as noted by his parents "Sam entered Riordan by all accounts a depressed, sick young man with an immune system that was dead. The Riordan doctors peeled back all layers of his health, tested hair, stool, urine, blood…" and found the root causes of his problems. It's normally five to ten things, not one and not 50. In contrast, traditional medicine pushes to find your one or two "diseases" – and once labeled as such, follows a standard protocol for everyone as if we're all the same. For me, I received my annual data set last week, with a debrief from my Riordan Clinic doctor, and now I know the handful of things I need to adjust in my diet and nutrient levels (and a genetic issue starting to cause problems I need to address) this coming year – it's slightly different each year, though many things have remained constant (coconut is still toxic to me).

Replenish Electrons — we're all different yet we share one thing in common – the need to replenish electrons. The key is a compound called C – mislabeled a vitamin. Just like squeezing a lemon on an apple slice stops it from turning brown (oxidation), the Riordan Clinic gave Sammy several large doses of intravenous (IV) C (up to 100,000 mg) over 10 days plus some additional treatments, all which kick started his immune system. In my case, I've received a 50 gram (50,000mg) IV C every six to eight weeks for the last couple decades plus I take 6 to 8 grams orally per day. There are thousands of doctors who do this around the world. You can locate a physician at It's the patented Riordan Protocol (no royalties) which is the global standard for IV C. Here's a link to a short article I wrote that describes in more detail the impact of high dose IV C (and dosage matters, which is why most of the pop science research about C is so terrible).

Dr. Thomas Levy and Dr. Matthias Rath — besides the 13 patents and 130+ medical journal articles published and listed on the Riordan Clinic site; there are two critical YouTube videos – the two most important videos you'll watch re: your health.

  1. Dr. Thomas Levy – he explains in detail how C is an antidote to all known toxins to people and the mechanisms by which it works. High dose C (again, dosage matters) is nature's antibiotic/chemotherapy drug. Dr. Levy helps oversee the Riordan Clinic research and has recently joined the board.
  2. Dr. Matthias Rath – he explains in detail how C is vital to preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease – and why all the research around cholesterol and statins has misled the public.

These two videos are crucial if you suffer a car accident, snake bite, mushroom poisoning, contract cancer, or suffer from any chronic disease – or want to simply prevent yourself from succumbing to the daily barrage of viruses and bacterial infections invading our bodies – while maintaining plenty of energy to enjoy the time you have.

Nothing Toxic — start with the simple stuff. If you wouldn't eat it, DON'T put it on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body (OK, OK, no jokes) and absorbs everything. So avoid underarm deodorants with aluminum (killing our brains); minimally shampoo your hair once per week and only with Ayurvedic solutions; avoid soaps in general – water, alone, works great and doesn't strip the skin and hair of its natural oils; and avoid suntan lotions, except zinc oxide when needed badly on the nose. The research is clear that suntan lotions are ironically the cause of a huge spike in the deadly types of skin cancers. Instead, wear a hat/visor and stay covered up if in the sun for lengthy periods of time. I've followed all this advice for decades and I'm fair skinned and haven't been accused of smelling badly yet (unless you're not telling me). Then avoid ingesting all the chemicals you can, including prescription medications, which are the most damaging to your body – note all the side effects – they are real, even if you don't suffer the side effects immediately. Instead, follow steps one and two above and 99% of you won't need any prescription meds – plus you'll have great looking skin inside and out, a key by-product of IV C (my wife received multiple IV C treatments immediately following her one C-section and to this day her OB/GYN is amazed there are no signs of scarring outside or inside – plus she has great skin).

Exercise a Little — for 200,000 years we were genetically geared to sit and walk around – and then run hard for a few minutes to either eat or avoid being eaten. Check out Tabata exercise – 4 minutes of alternating intense exercise and relaxation. In turn, elite athletes suffer tremendous health issues later in life – with many dying young. One of the first signs you're low in C is bleeding gums, leading to gum disease and rotting teeth among athletes. Back problems are also common among athletes, something the Riordan Clinic's research discovered among firefighters and frequent air travelers as well. It's due to the oxidation that comes with extreme exercise, stress, and flying – which IV C corrects. So if you're going to exercise a lot, you really need to compensate with C. BTW, some of the latest research is showing that high dose C replaces exercise – now we know why.

Learn to Breath — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living program (offered around the world) taught me how to breath properly, which is embedded into a 20 minute meditation process they teach. I use this technique especially before keynotes and workshops to prepare me for the rigors of the event. It also significantly reduces stress and is something you can practice minutes at a time during the day to manage your levels of stress. Breath is life.

40 Years — it took 40 years for 3D printing, cell phones, IC chips, and even electricity to catch on. The same for our work at the Riordan Clinic. Finally, nutrition-based and genetic analysis and high dose C is gaining traction.

  1. New Zealand, as a country, seems to be embracing IV C after a swine flu victim was literally brought back to life a few minutes after receiving IV C. Kiwi researchers are studying the impact of IV C on cancer as well.
  2. University of Iowa, University of Kansas, and many others are also using the Riordan Protocol to do formal cancer research.
  3. Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, a Harvard Medical School educated doctor, suffered a severe heart attack at age 74. Being told he would only live a couple more years unless he took cholesterol-lowing drugs, he instead pursued high dose C and at age 91 is still going strong. He reiterates in this article much of what is outlined above.
  4. And C is being seen as effective in preventing Alzheimer disease

Every day, more research is finally proving what the Riordan Clinic has been doing to cure patients of incurable diseases for decades. Start with data; find and correct root causes; and practice some simple routines like meditation, better eating, and short, intensive exercise – and enjoy a much better quality of life free of damaging prescription medications.

So Why Didn't You Save Steve Jobs — I tried, I really did. I reached out to all those I knew close to Steve, but by the time he let the world know about his cancer, his wife was so upset by Steve's insistence on trying alternative approaches (not the Riordan Clinic's) that there was no way to get thru. It was traditional treatment from that moment forward, led by a group of Stanford doctors. My biggest regret is not getting on an airplane and sitting on the corner of Steve's home until Lauren and/or Steve would talk to me – but I figured I would be seen as a stalker and arrested. Why did I let that stop me, I don't know.

What About Simple Ailments? — there is a Young Living essential oil or homeopathic remedy for everything. If I get a (sun) burn, lavender oil works wonders. If I've been training/keynoting for days, a drop of peppermint and lemon oil behind each ear and in my water and within an hour my voice begins to recover; I've contracted gout three times (yes, I have one of the more sensitive systems) and a mixture of apple cider vinegar does the job; if I start to get Athlete's feet, essential oil Thieves takes it away; and even if I've had too much to drink I take homeopathic remedy Nox Vomica (appropriately named) and I'm good to go. I carry a small bag of essentials oils and homeopathic remedies with me at all times when I'm travelling – I'm shaking lots of hands and stuck in lots of tubes flying through the skies (have you seen how old people look that fly often?). Julie and I also take the various Stem Cell 100 products for anti-aging, telomere support, and memory enhancement.

Book and More Riordan Clinics — There is so much confusing info out there which is why I'm spearheading an initiative to write the equivalent of Scaling Up for your health. And the board of the Riordan Clinic is looking at opening up more clinics throughout the US and the world. We need size and clout to deal with the traditional sick care system. We would love your help if you can come to the table with serious resources/interest. In the meantime, if you or a loved one is suffering any kind of chronic ailment, set up an appointment at the Riordan Clinic. Again, we're non-profit and I don't receive a penny of compensation – in fact, it's been one of our family's top charities to which we give each year. Having REAL health, as we like to call it, is important.

Verne Harnish
Verne Harnish
Verne Harnish is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and chaired for fifteen years EO’s premiere CEO program, the “Birthing of Giants” and WEO’s “Advanced Business” executive program both held at MIT. Founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company with over 150 coaching partners on six continents, Verne has spent the past three decades helping companies scale-up. The “Growth Guy” syndicated columnist, he’s also the Venture columnist for FORTUNE magazine. He’s the author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0); Mastering the Rockefeller Habits; and along with the editors of Fortune, authored The Greatest Business Decisions of All Times," for which Jim Collins wrote the foreword. Verne also chairs FORTUNE Magazine’s annual Leadership and Growth Summits and serves on several boards including chairman of The Riordan Clinic and the newly launched Geoversity. He is an investor in many scale-ups. A father of four, he enjoys piano, tennis, and magic as a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.