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April 20, 2017
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May 4, 2017

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10 CEO Interviews Needed — are you using customer funding to fuel your growth i.e. are you a fan of John Mullins' Customer Funded Business book? See below, but first…

May 2 Cutoff if you're planning to attend the ScaleUp Summit May 23 – 24 (almost sold out) and/or Scaling Up User Conference May 25, the cutoff for getting the conference hotel room rate is May 2.

"Conversation Possession" taking a page from futbol powerhouse FC Barcelona's One-Phrase Strategy of "ball possession" Andrew Bentley created a quarterly theme around "conversation possession." Notes Bentley, Regional Director for SAS in Canada:

We gave out mini soccer balls, drawing the analogy that when FC Barcelona has the ball, which they do 70% of the time, there's no scoring opportunity for the opponent. If we own the conversations in our market, we have the ear of the decision makers i.e. if we're meeting the VP Marketing on Tuesday at 11am, my competitors can't. So let's own the conversations in our market.

What is your quarterly theme? How do you block the competition? BTW, congrats to Lionel Messi who scored his 500th career goal as Barcelona defeated Madrid in the final 10 seconds of the El Clasico on Sunday.

Pricing Power The Atlantic published a lengthy, but insightful, article on pricing titled "How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All." Instead of leveling the playing field, the internet and it's access to our shopping habits is leading to many of us paying higher prices than others.

The price of a can of soda in a vending machine can now vary with the temperature outside. The price of the headphones Google recommends may depend on how budget-conscious your web history shows you to be, one study found. For shoppers, that means price-not the one offered to you right now, but the one offered to you 20 minutes from now, or the one offered to me, or to your neighbor-may become an increasingly unknowable thing. "Many moons ago, there used to be one price for something," Dolan notes…Which raises a bigger question: Could the internet, whose transparency was supposed to empower consumers, be doing the opposite?

Boomerang — The same article highlights a startup called Boomerang that helps major companies make billions of real time pricing decisions. Notes the article:

..its software engine isn't built to match the lowest price out there. (That… would be a simple algorithm.) It's built to manage consumers' perception of price. The software identifies the goods that loom largest in consumers' perception and keeps their prices carefully in line with competitors' prices, if not lower. The price of everything else is allowed to drift upward.

What are you doing to up your pricing game? Please take 15 minutes to study this article and keep dynamic pricing at the heart of your strategy.

10x Price Increase — I was the closing keynote for Mark Moses' CEO International Summit this past weekend and expounded on the importance of pricing. One of the CEOs in attendance learned that a big reason his $30,000 solution wasn't selling is that the customers thought it was way too inexpensive to solve their problem – and that they had allocated $300k for a solution. So he10x'd the price and the rest is history! How much are you leaving on the table?

Unconditional Service Guarantees — drawing from the ideas of this classic 1988 HBR article titled "The Power of Unconditional Service Guarantees", Hugh Smallridge, Managing Director of UK-based Ashwood, established a Saleability Guarantee. Notes Smallridge:

We are selling items to retailers, so their success at selling the product on to consumers is essential to our success – so that they come back and buy more. Our Saleability Guarantee means that if you have unsold stock after 3 months, we'll collect it and replace it with stock of your choice, credit it or refund it. No quibble!

And the results?

We do have to take stuff back – the odd leftover grotto presents or whatever – but the fact that we landed 285 new customers last year (we supplied 815 customers in total last year), and 139 so far this year, tells me the guarantee is paying for itself very well! Because it's a no brainer for the customer – why wouldn't they want to try some of our products on this basis?

Smallridge concludes:

I think guarantees are vital to a successful business strategy – that and having unique products. I think the key is that the guarantee must be compelling and risky enough that it will cost you something. If it doesn't, it's not powerful and compelling enough.

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