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January 6, 2015
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January 20, 2015

Interesting vs. Truth; Branson 3 Tips; Cuban’s Next Bubble; Jan 21 Negotiations

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Maximize Negotiation Outcomes — free Jan 21 course with Dr. Victoria Medvec, Northwestern U Prof and Goldman Sach's negotiation guru. More below, but first…

Be Interesting vs. Truthful — Adam Grant, the youngest tenured prof at Wharton and one of the most quoted psychology researchers in history, produced a list of the ten best work and psychology articles for 2014. My favorite is #3 – why being interesting is more powerful than being truthful! This has real implications for your own messaging. Make sure you click the Adam Grant link referenced in the article – and read his article several times. (OK, here is a link to Grant's piece titled "Why Malcolm Gladwell is Fascinating"). Here's a list of the top ten articles. Take Saturday or Sunday morning to explore this cornucopia of insight – it's really worth an hour of your time (Cuban reads three hours per day)!:

  1. Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions
  2. Masters of Love
  3. Interestingness vs. Truth
  4. Spite Is Good
  5. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent
  6. Gained in Translation
  7. The 7 Emails You Need to Know How to Write
  8. Think You're An Introvert? You're Probably Wrong
  9. Why Cliques Form at Some High Schools and Not Others
  10. The Cult of Busy

Thanks to Gazelles coach Cheryl Beth Kuchler for pointing me to Adam's newsletter – I've signed up and you should too!

Top 3 Tips Richard Branson — David Jaffa, founder of SAM Learning Group, and 29 other EO's spent five days on Necker Island with Richard Branson. David's blog summed up brilliantly his top three take-a-ways from his time with Branson – worth 2 minutes to read Branson's unique take on these three basics: Delegation, Health, and Fun.

Mark Cuban – the Next Bubble take 85 seconds to watch this Inc. video where Mark describes the next bubble – college! Watching Mark's straight-forward style of presenting ideas is worth the time as well. It's on Mark's calendar to keynote our Growth Summit in the fall – fingers crossed!

Top 12 World Music Albums — and congrats to our resident musician, Juanito Pascual, for coming in 5th in Rolling Stone contributor and NPR's Fresh Air music critic Milo Miles Best World Music albums of 2014 (available on iTunes). Notes Miles, "and I'm a damned hard sell on flamenco." Juanito and his trio will be performing again at our upcoming Leadership Summit presented by Fortune May 12 – 13, Orlando.

Maximize Negotiation Outcomes while Building Quality Relationships. Dr. Medvec, Northwestern University's premier negotiations expert, has several critical negotiation tools useful during turbulent times – ranging from emphasizing "avoidance of loss" vs. "benefits" to the importance of driving all negotiations via synchronous communication – a critical technique for dramatically reducing sales cycle time. Register Here for a FREE Course Viewing of Negotiating in Turbulent Times by Victoria Medvec on January 21st. Register now to SAVE $99. Length: 95 Minutes. Language: English.


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Verne Harnish
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