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December 6, 2017
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December 14, 2017

Gates Top 5; 2018 Predictions; Lessons from 40 Billionaires; Super Bowl CEO Boot Camp

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Super Bowl CEO Boot Camp — Feb 1 – 5 in Marathon, FL, more below, but first…

Strategic Planning Bonus Chapters — going into the planning season there is a free bonus chapter to Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) titled "Strategic Planning" – how to prepare and run a strategic planning session. It includes a sample One-Page Strategic Plan (OPSP). There is also a free download of the section of the book describing how to complete the One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP). Download both at

Fortune's Compiled Predictions for 2018 — notes Fortune:

Good businesses keep up with the hottest trends. Great ones anticipate them. Our best bets? India will grow, cars will fly, and Bitcoin will crash-before it rebounds to new highs. Billionaires will blast off into space, and you'll be eating meat with no animal in it (and you might even like it).

Here is a link to their predictions compiled from various sources – took me about 3 minutes to scan down through since there were lots of interesting ideas that stopped me – like the sports predictions!

India Fastest Growing Major Economy 2018 — I'm back in India this week as Fortune reports the country will grow at a 7.4% rate in 2018 vs. 6.5% for China. And this is on the heels of a 6.7% growth rate in 2017 and 7.1% last year. However, it's all relative since China's economy is 4.5 times larger than India's (US GDP $19.1 trillion, China $11.2 trillion, India $2.45 trillion). For a further comparison of the two countries (fun facts for the holiday season!) take 30 seconds to scan down through these additional numbers.

Bill Gates Top 5 Books — averaging 50 books per year, Gates reveals his top 5 favorites for 2017:

  1. Energy & Civilization by Vaclav Smil
  2. The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen
  3. Believe Me by Eddie Izzard
  4. Evicted by Matthew Desmond
  5. The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui

Take 1 minute to read why he chose each which I found quite insightful, convincing me to read #2, winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize, over the holidays.

What Rick Learned from Interviewing 40 Billionaires Rick Sapio, founder of Mutual Capital Alliance and its CEO for 20 years, shares the lessons he gleaned from interviewing 40 billionaires in this 37-minute interview. Top lessons:

  1. Move to CEO Island. Hire top c-suite talent to manage day-to-day activities so you're free to focus on the company's vision.
  2. Point to a Huge, Outrageous Target. If your company isn't focused on hitting your HOT, then what is it doing?
  3. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The less cluttered your desk and company offerings are, the better your probability of hitting BIG growth.

There is also a transcript if you prefer to read through it. This is your long weekend read/listen.

How to Get to Billionaires — what I found as interesting as the lessons was how Rick got to these billionaires. Go to the 2-minute mark in the interview and listen for 2 minutes. In essence, he accessed them through charity boards. And he also made sure he was the high bidder for "billionaire" lunch offers via these charities. Crazily, the average cost was just $1000 and several have become mentors and even one a partner. It takes the idea of "never eat alone" to an entirely new level!

Globalia Wins Prize for Quarterly Themes (Gazelles case study) — this fast-growing digital agency of 70 employees won a prize last Thursday at Quebec's largest management practices innovation salon. The award was for the "gamification to boost employee mobilization" which was based on the concept of Quarterly Themes. Noted General Manager Eric Collard:

As an example of one of the themes, Q1 was about documentation in "GKNOW" our knowledge base. We asked every employee to make 3 contributions during the quarter and we built a dashboard displayed on a LCD screen at the office. The critical number was 120 contributions and we finished at 139! Celebration was an afternoon outdoor BBQ party at Boucherville's park. Here's a visual of our dashboard.

Another theme was Globalia "Dashboardization." Eric asked the team to define at least 21 KPIs and 7 dashboards, one per department. And the celebration was a day of kart racing in line with the dashboard concept. Continued Eric "for our current Simpson 'Quality insurance' theme, we introduced it giving every employee a Duff beer and a donut. It was fun and appreciated :)"

Super Bowl CEO Boot Camp — Feb 1- 5, join serial entrepreneur and partner John Ratliff at his Florida Keys Retreat for his annual Super Bowl CEO Boot Camp. Network with seven other CEOs from a variety of backgrounds and enjoy the amenities of a luxurious private resort, while taking in the festivities leading up to the NFL championship. For more info reach out to Denise Richmond — [email protected].

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