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April 19, 2016
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I want to come in there with a quantitative (sales) process and say, 'Let me tell you what our stuff does and let me tell you based on our work what this can do for you in terms of your productivity.'
  Bill Campbell "The Coach"

Legendary CEO Coach Bill Campbell (75) Dies — coach to Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and other top tech leaders, Bill passed away earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. Here is the absolute best summary of what Bill taught leaders I could find – a dozen lessons from Bill Campbell – worth 4 minutes to read and re-read – and study this weekend.

Legendary Sales Coach Jack Daly (62) — still alive and well after 15 Ironman Competitions and 60+ marathons, and having led over 10,000 sales people using a quantitative sales process like Bill Campbell emphasized, we're hosting a webinar with Jack next Tuesday 1pm ET – more details below, but next…

60+ Year Olds Driving Economy — at the beginning of this century, Goldman Sachs had everyone focusing on the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) as the next big growth opportunity (half right!). A couple weeks ago, McKinsey, in a major report, said it's not about regions anymore – it's about demographics. And that 60% of the GDP growth in the US and Western Europe will be driven by those over 60 (33% for the world). Notes the report:

Richard Dobbs, a McKinsey Global Institute director, said: "The glamorization of youth by marketers and advertising buyers is a vestige of the past. The real power globally lies with the 60-plus age group who will contribute more than one-third of global consumption growth. In comparison, European millennials will contribute less than 2 percent. The data make clear that companies need to design products and services for older people if they want to be well placed for tomorrow's growth."

Hopefully McKinsey is more accurate than Goldman in their data/predictions. Being even half-right, this is still a huge wealthy segment – lots of opportunity many of you (Nurse Next Door) are already capitalizing on.

Three Demographics Driving Growth it's foolish to ignore demographic trends – and easier to go with the winds of the world. The McKinsey report further notes "People living in cities will generate 91 percent of global consumption in the next 15 years" but, again, it will be certain demographics within those cities that will be the drivers given the increasing inequality gap. Here's a link to the full McKinsey report that outlines the three demographics driving 75% of all growth in consumption. And what drives consumption tends to drive the B2B world as well.

Peter Drucker Fun Fact (106 if still alive) — speaking of the older generation, I've been sharing with audiences, lately, the interesting fact that the original business guru Peter Drucker wrote 39 books. Yet only 1/3 of those books were written before his 65th birthday! He was twice as productive after his 65th than before, inspiring Jim Collins to declare, after his 50th, that his next 25-year goal is to have twice the impact through his research and writing than he did before his 50th. Research would support this.

Picasso Fun Fact (134 if still alive) — and the same for Picasso, who hung out in my town of Barcelona. Of what the critics consider his top 10 paintings, six were painted after his 50th birthday; and four of those 10 when he was 51 (1932). We're creative in our 20s; but experience hones that creativity over the next 25 years leading to twice the innovative output later in life – if you can stay alive and keep practicing your art. Here's to the best years of our lives after 50!

Back to Sales — Boost with LiveAdmins Chat Service The most recurring sales mistake is not having online customer support on your websiteespecially for your older customers. This leaves your prospective customers confused and wandering. It feels like having a storefront with no one there to greet and guide the walk-in customers. With LiveAdmins, which we've been using for over a decade, you can conveniently add around the clock chat service to your website in multiple languages. The chat operators will proactively greet online visitors and generate leads for you. 

Jack Daly Sales Webinar Tuesday, April 26, 1pm ET (no charge) in addition to the accolades above, Jack is a recognized entrepreneur & CEO who has built 6 companies into national firms, sold 2 to Wall Street, is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, and has been listed #10 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. So while other sales experts may market themselves as the most sought-after, Jack Daly's proof is in the indisputable numbers he's achieved over the years.

In this 1-hour session Jack will teach you how to "Quit Selling" and break down his proven Sales Management Checklist. Click here to register for the live event!


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Verne Harnish
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