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January 17, 2019
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January 31, 2019

Alzheimer Cure?; Being Played?; Looks 19; Topgrading Online Course Launching

Hello ScaleUps,

Hope it's been a productive and purposeful week. Here are some insights to help you outlearn/outthink the competition.

Topgrading (hiring) Master Business Course —
The next online hybrid class is launching. Join other leaders in co-learning this critical interviewing and hiring skill. More below, but first…

This Is How You Should Treat Customers —
There are values, unique to a company, and principles, which are universal. HubSpot, the popular Inbound marketing CRM system (and new Scaling Up partner), has a beautifully outlined 10 point "customer code" that all of us can use (universal principles) to measure if we're taking care of customers properly. This link takes you to the list – worth sharing with your customer service department to audit your own progress on making things easier for your customers. Please take one-minute to scan down through the list and descriptions of each.

"I Don't Mind Paying, but I Do Mind Being Played" —
This is my favorite of HubSpot's 10 customer code principles. HubSpot goes on to explain "Customers shouldn't need a math degree to figure out their bill. Keep your pricing open, clear, and fair." This reminds me of Fred Reichheld's (
Ultimate Question 2.0 fame) idea of "bad profits." Are you earning profits at the expense of customers well-being? Are you being deceptive? John Ratliff, founder of Appletree Answers (call centers), reduced the bills for his 10,000+ customers down to a single page, eliminating a bunch of the nickel and diming that went on in his industry which complicated the billing. Thank you to Andy Clayton, Scaling Up Certified coach, for bringing this HubSpot example to my attention.

Client Command Quarterly Theme Update (Scaling Up Case Study) —
Last week I highlighted Client Command's quarterly theme. Following the mention, Executive Assistant to CEO Jonathan Lucenay, Sharlene Yeager, noted:

We've had incredible success implementing the Quarterly Theme! Even if we come up short in a given quarter which does happen sometimes (we set the bar high), we accomplish a lot and have so much fun along the way. We've had some great celebrations, like the 70's disco skating party, Casino Royale night, Top Gun beach volleyball party, and great prizes like an Apple watch/iPad! Managers often say the best meeting of the quarter is when we break up into teams and brainstorm ideas for the next theme. We come back to present the ideas to the team and cast votes for the winning theme. We do all of that in one hour and it's amazing how creative we can be under pressure. Jonathan has done an amazing job incorporating many of your ideas into our culture. Thank you for sharing the Scaling Up framework.

Finish lines and fun – this is what people want – in games and at work. Pick a measurable goal for the next couple of months and have some fun working together to achieve it.

Alzheimer Cure and Key to Longevity? —
This article in the Feb issue of Fortune details how Paul Cox might be close to having a treatment that might prevent Alzheimer's disease, ALS, and a host of other neurodegenerative diseases. The cure is a naturally occurring amino acid L-serine. One of many indications this protein building block is critical to longevity and health comes from the diet of the Ogimi people. This population has the highest per capita of centenarians on the planet. Notes Cox:

(Their) women, they move like ballerinas. A 98-year-old who can bend over and touch the mat with her palms. I met a 54-year-old who came to the village from mainland Japan when she married a matriarch's son. She looks like she's 19…(and) wouldn't you know it! The Ogimi people are getting three to four times the level of L-serine that Americans get in their average daily diet…they have the highest L-serine content of any population that I've ever measured. They look unbelievable. And they live forever!

It's a lengthy, but fascinating article in a mainstream publication – worth a read this weekend.

Food Sources for L-serine —
This NCBI article (part of the National Institute of Health) details sources of L-serine in the Ogimi diet. FYI, I mention all this because poor health (or death) is the ultimate constraint to scaling a business. And having family members in poor health can drain what energy you have to give to your organization.

Online Topgrading Master Course —
This is a no-nonsense, highly effective, proven business methodology for hiring (and retaining) high performers — the Topgrading Master Business Course. You and your team will learn the 12-step methodology directly from Dr. Brad Smart – trusted advisor to CEOs of leading companies (like Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric) and frequently regarded as the world's #1 expert on hiring. Here's what you and your team would get:

  • 7 live, online workshops with a Topgrading coach;
  • Two 45-minute One-on-One Coaching calls to discuss your progress and challenges;
  • 60-day free access to Topgrading premium software TOLS 3.0;
  • Downloadable toolkit & frameworks;
  • And more… 

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There’s no application fee, so we encourage you to give it a try.

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Verne Harnish
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