October 18, 2016

$72 million in 5 years; Rebel Talent; Topgrading Webinar Thursday; See You Next Week in Dallas

“…insights for scaleups” HEADLINES: Maybe the mentor we needed was someone who can coach us in the process in structuring the company in the right way […]
October 13, 2016

$400k Defrauded; Cyberattacked; Expensive Lessons; Don’t Let it Happen to You!

"…insights for scaleups" HEADLINES: Defrauded $400k — it was a bad night last night, finding out that Gazelles was cyber-attacked and $400k was cleverly "taken" from […]
October 6, 2016

Use Price to Get Attention; Pigeons Smarter Than CEOs?; Panama Feb 7 – 11

"…insights for scaleups" HEADLINES: Companies are living, breathing organisms. As such, the more they can mimic nature, the faster they can scale.   Verne Harnish, Co-Chair, […]